Powerful Test Management

Throw away the shackles of legacy test management. SpiraTest is the ultimate solution for managing your testing team, with full requirements and defect traceability of out of the box.

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Manage the Complete Lifecycle

Why only address part of the lifecycle? SpiraTeam has the entire process covered, from requirements, testing, tasks, code, builds and bug-tracking all integrated.

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Scriptless Automated Testing

Rapise provides powerful and easy to use automated testing. When you need to test web, mobile or desktop applications, Rapise makes it easy - no programming needed.

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Easy to Use Help Desk

Are you drowning in customer emails and support tickets? Are you struggling to keep up with your customers' needs? KronoDesk is the support system that you need.

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You get more than what you pay for with SpiraTeam - easy to use - traceability over the whole development process - good and fast support.

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